Still, Love Remains


God Is Good

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Still, Love Remains

God’s Crimson Threads of Grace

What makes a soul cling so deeply to God?

In the wake of the events of a startling tragedy as a father chose to take the life of his own child in a murder-suicide, one thing remains. It is the story of the crimson threads of God’s love, woven into a heart and life against the darkness of the valley such an experience creates. From the depths of shaken faith, comes a glistening treasure of hope through the matchless grace of God.

In one brief moment life changed for Amy E. Tobin, the mother of that child. Nothing would ever be the same. What she never anticipated was God reaching into her circumstances to redefine all she believed and transform the relationship with Him she once held. Still, Love Remains reveals a love story of faith, the devoted love of God through valleys of the unimaginable, and the redeeming love of Jesus Christ which restores all that is broken.

Amy’s life is being transformed daily with the hope which radiates from the love of God into the details of life. Find a peace in your own questions about valleys, the past, things of value and the future as you step into a story of grace and toward the love of God which transforms each difficult moment into a treasure of lasting beauty through Christ.


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